Monday, 10 May 2010

Shock news: Ruane really isn't liked

CATRIONA Ruane must be wondering what she has to do to be liked. The pioneering Sinn Féin education minister is committed to reforming our archaic system, is fiercely determined to see every school as a good school, and is a woman driven in the hope that each and every pupil will be conversant in Irish - indeed her fervour should surely be rewarded at the ballot box!

But no, those ungrateful wretches prefer an SDLP housing minister and leader. C'mon it's not like Social Development is anywhere near as important as education; it's only handing out benefit cheques and not building any houses...

Even the unionist secret desire to get on well with the soft spoken education minister was somehow repressed as a cross-community series of votes went to Margaret Ritchie rather than the unfairly vilified Ms Ruane...who would have thought it.

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