Monday, 10 May 2010

Anoraks at the ready

ANORAKS not absorbed by the ongoing ‘will he won't he’ Clegg watch (i.e. most of the country) are poring meticulously over every percentage, every swing and every shift in voting patterns, because next year there's an Assembly election and possibly a local government election.

We can hardly contain our glee…err you know what we mean. We are political anoraks and proud of it! And it seems we're in good company as more than a hundred thousand viewers in Northern Ireland were still watching the count at 2:30am. We say to them congratulations on your new found addiction. Next time see if you can keep up with us to past 4.30 am!

[Please note: beginner political anoraks should not attempt to track a Fermanagh and South Tyrone election count as this may be hazardous to any remaining vestiges of a sense of proportion]

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