Sunday, 7 February 2010

Just wait ‘til May!

SELL-out! Lundy! Traitor! There now follows an election broadcast from the TUV. Sell-out! Lundy! Traitor!

With the news reports running out of someone to criticise the ‘Deal’ (copyright DUP, Sinn Féin) surely they could find someone to say something negative.

The UUP were in a mild huff. Not exactly scintillating news copy…and the SDLP stuck to the line that they sorta knew there’d be a deal eventually. Again not screaming headline material.
So, err, that’ll leave Traditional Unionist Voice. And, lo and behold the BBC even managed to get someone from the TUV that wasn’t Jim Allister to speak for the party.

To the points that Sinn Féin were already on the Policing Board and sat on District Policing Partnerships, and that the Justice Minister wouldn’t have oversight on operational matters came the response, ‘Well, you wait and see!’

Which, one has to say is a fairly defeatist policy. It implies that the TUV won’t win enough seats in the 2011 elections to block anything or affect who gets the Justice post.

In other words, after the elections, the TUV line will be: “There’s no justice, there’s just us!”
Or to put it another way, ourselves alone. Now what would be the Irish translation of that phrase?

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