Friday, 12 February 2010

Deal or no deal – are you getting fed up yet?

JUST how many times can you listen to BBC radio news, read Slugger O’Toole, read the newspapers or watch UTV before you despair for the future of the world and whether politicians here will ever shut up.

After the joy and delight of the ‘deal’, came more waffle and a failure to decide who will be the Justice Minister. Alliance has even produced pre-conditions (it’s come to a sorry state of affairs when the Alliance Party has pre-conditions for grabbing a seat at the Executive) before they’ll nominate for Justice Minister.

And then there’s the SDLP saying that under d’Hondt system of allocating Ministries they should get the job.

Now we prepare for precarious negotiations over parades.

The Parades working group has a few short weeks to deliver: cue Gerry Adams saying no way to a march down the Garvaghy Road and DUP Culture Minister Nelson McCausland saying parading was a public assembly which should be guaranteed by right.

One can but imagine what is going on when the Shinners and DUP are talking about parades behind closed doors.

Frankly all this means is that we are teetering towards a postponed row.

Call us cynics, but was the deal anything but a fudged postponement?

But, there may be a solution at hand. A referendum! Not about parades, not about justice. No, rather a referendum about, mmm let’s see, should any MLA who wants to be an MLA be allowed to be an MLA.

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