Friday, 26 February 2010

And then there’s Sylvia…

Sylvia could stand
as an independent
LADY Hermon is playing coy about her intentions in the forthcoming election. Will she or won’t she stand as an independent unionist? From her hints this week, it seems almost certain that she will.

Which, one might have thought would cause consternation within the ranks of the Ulster Unionists and their partners, the Conservatives. But as this has been talked about endlessly with the interviews becoming all too predictable.

They usually run along the lines of:

“Sir Reg…what’s the score with Sylvia?”
“2 - 1, but that away goal counts a lot in the second leg”
“No Sir Reg, we meant Sylvia Hermon not CSK Sofia!”
“Oh, that Sylvia! Nice lady!”
“Will she be a UUP candidate”
“Doubt it”
“So you’re prepared to lose an MP, as she will certainly win.”
“So what? We’ve got Mike Nesbitt and Freddie Mercury.”
“Don’t you mean Flash Harry? Freddie is dead?”
“Close enough!”
“So no Lady Hermon in the UUP camp then?”
“Looks that way, but please remember that she can’t sing the entire Queen back catalogue and don’t you know that we in the UUP always back Queen…err I mean The Queen!”
“What about the other constituencies?”
“I’ll get back to you on that one!”

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