Friday, 10 July 2009

‘Useful’ meeting

MEANWHILE a ‘useful’ North/ South Ministers’ meeting took place in Dublin with Peter Robinson, Martin McGuinness and Brian Cowen. No word as to why it was useful, other than to say that it was ‘useful’.

Ministers did however have a broad discussion of the economic challenges facing them and their respective responses to dealing with the downturn and its impact…

Cowen outlined various initiatives such as his intention to establish a National Assets Management Agency to dispose of developments that collapsed during the property crash, whilst Marty and Peter said they had just been to ask Gordy for more pocket money – a chorus of ‘please sir can I have some more?’ was said to have echoed from the halls of no.10.

The Republic’s government has promised a lump sum payment of £7.7 million towards the new A5 Aughnacloy to Derry and the A8 Belfast to Larne roads.

More crucially however we can confirm that a special meeting will take place soon between Dublin’s Finance Minister Brian Lenihan and our very own Sammy Wilson over the current financial situation – readers should not despair however – sure there’s no such thing as a recession anyway, eh Sammy??

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