Friday, 10 July 2009

Breaking news – common sense outbreak stuns electorate!

DAMN! Two ministers suffered a common sense attack this week. First of all, First Minister Peter Robinson said any new Minister for The Law would be from the Alliance Party.

His impeccable logic…if the DUP pick a UUP MLA, Sinn Féin would veto the choice. If Sinn Féin picked an SDLP MLA, the DUP would veto the choice…therefore that left an Alliance candidate…

Alliance MLAs were heard to mutter about being the lesser of some evil, but they’re not sure which one.

In a second outbreak of common sense, DUP MLA, MP and former Minister for Fun, Gregory Campbell, said that MPs could live in the Olympic village after the 2012 elections, thereby saving taxpayers’ money and putting to good use the Olympic facilities.

The Health Minister, Michael ‘Ever Cheerful’ McGimpsey has senior medical scientists working feverishly to develop a vaccine against any further outbreaks of common sense amongst current and former ministerial colleagues.

‘It could ruin all our reputations if we were to act responsibly,’ he refused to say.

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