Friday, 5 December 2008

New Tory link…where’s the New Labour link?

With David Cameron appearing at the Ulster Unionist conference to cement the electoral link with promises of potential Westminster ministerial posts, if the Tories win the next General Election, the promise of a say in reserved matters looms large in the political mindset.
This, of course, leads to the question as to the status of New Labour organising in Northern Ireland…of which there has been nary a whisper of late.

The problem seems to be there is no-one party for them to marry to. After all the SDLP is still being romanced by Fianna Fail, the DUP are too busy with dual mandates, the TUV at times seems to be crying into a right-wing wilderness, while Sinn Féin are not courting anyone unless they sign up in Irish.

That leaves the Alliance and the PUP as potential suitors for New Labour…can’t see Gordon Brown rushing into that marriage.

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