Friday, 5 December 2008

Guns? What guns?

On Wednesday, the Westminster Government has given so-called Loyalist paramilitary groups another year to decommission their weapons, after their notable failure to do so over the past 14 years.

SDLP chief Mark Durkan rowed into the debate by saying this has to be the last chance saloon, while Junior Minister, Jeffrey Donaldson broadly agreed that the process couldn’t go on indefinitely.

Drawn into the equation were Margaret Ritchie’s funding decisions of the last year and the opinion of the Ulster Political Research Group.

The debate was somewhat undermined when the PSNI discovered viable explosive devices left by Loyalist paramilitaries near a BMX park this week.

Which goes to prove that the exchanged verbiage on Good Morning Ulster isn’t quite reaching the man in the balaclava…and exactly what sanction are Mr Durkan et al proposing if the Loyalists decline to decommission? A paramilitary wing for the Assembly?

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