Friday, 5 December 2008

£2.66 per constituent

MLA’s pay is, as always a favourite topic for radio phone-ins, with pundits and public alike decrying the salaries of our public representatives.

With the Senior Salaries Review Board announcing their ‘downgrading’ of the proposed pay rise for MLAs to 3.5% it emerged that part of the thinking was that the Assembly had restricted law making powers and that the number of constituents each MLA is ‘responsible for’ is less than other parts of the UK.

In fact the board has said that MLAs earn £2.66 per constituent compared with 60p per constituent for each MP.

But, away from the punditry the issue remains that MLAs are the lowest paid of the devolved administrators, perhaps opening the door for a debate on the quality of those seeking to be MLAs.

More to the point is the question of dual mandate…how many times can one person be paid to represent a constituent?

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