Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Here Comes the Summer!

YOU may not have noticed it with the torrential downpours and grey skies, but the summer's here and, to paraphrase those Derry punk scamps, The Undertones, it’s time for our MLAs to get out and find out what fun is about!

This is the last week when the Assembly sits, the last week when they plenary session gets to debate stuff they can't really change or do anything about, the last week when committee chairs can frown in indignation about some ministerial cock up or another.

There are but two plenary sessions and a clatter of committee meetings before the Assembly summer recess. Travel agents are circling like vultures ready to seize the wary MLA who has to yet make a booking to get the hell out of here before the recreational rioting season kicks in...

We may (or may not) paint an unfair picture of the fact that the MLAs are getting an eight-week break to run alongside the Easter, Christmas and other assorted leave days in their school-term-time only schedule. What passes for reality is that some MLAs will man their constituency offices ready to help their constituents and calculate the loss of mileage claims while not going to Stormont.

The business of government will also continue with a duty roster of Ministers and their spokespeople on hand to deny any knowledge of any problem to avoid an on-air spat with Stephen Nolan.

While we too will be offering this column a break over the summer, we will be monitoring the machinations in the monsoon-like conditions, keeping a weather eye on MLA pronouncements and making sure no consultation goes unconsulted on for our clients new and old.

The boss will keep driving us on like slaves constructing public affairs pyramids to achieve real change...

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