Monday, 2 July 2012

Glad that's all over!

WON'T it be nice to get down to some normal Norn Iron rowing and fighting for a while! Last week was extraordinary by any standards.

Floods, royals, golf and banking meltdowns - you get one in a few dozen years and then four come along at once...

Peter and Marty - our statesman-like dynamic duo of First Minister and deputy First Minister had the hands shaken off them by Her Maj and a squad of golfers, while Sammy Wilson opened the Department of Finance and Personnel's wallet for flood victims’ emergency relief and nobody could do anything about the Ulster Bank's lack of money for its customers.

But fear not! There was still some slagging to be done. Under fire were Danny Kennedy and his Department of Regional Development trying to excuse away the poor phone response to unseasonal downpours and backed up drains and sewers, and at the same time there was criticism of the golf. Yes, have you not heard? MLAs are demanding an investigation into the failure of golf training standards across Norn Iron. Apparently being one of the top golfing destinations in the world, having a trio of US Open and Open winners plus a clatter of other top flight stars from Norn Iron is not good enough. If an MLA cannot get their picture taken with a home town winner at the home town event then something's going wrong. We expect the First Minister and deputy First Minister to face questions in the house about this failure!

[Credit to Belfast Telegraph for picture]

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