Monday, 7 February 2011

Woe is Tory me!

IT’S unfair. Seriously they used to be mates, but now it has all gone to hell in a handbasket: that is the Tory UUP link that was people!

Secretary of State Owen Paterson declared that Martin McGuiness being elected as First Minister would be an endorsement of political progress, and the local Conservatives are opening their own campaign office with the blessing of the Tory leadership.

Tom Elliott is genuinely a decent sort of bloke – or so we are told – but c’mon no-one deserves to be kicked when they are down. Party members leaving, Tories now seemingly running away, general comments about the death of the UUP, we can only see one hope: a petition to the courts by the UUP seeking to declare every other political party illegal.

Scanning down through history’s pages isn’t that what they used to do? Or are we being too literal about the ‘old Stormont’?

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