Monday, 7 February 2011

Oh no not more Nolan!

CONGRATULATIONS to the ever ebullient Mr Stephen Nolan. With the latest RAJAR (radio listening statistics) published his Radio Ulster phone-in is once more confirmed as the “Biggest Show In The Country”.

No doubt there are many who find the BBC broadcaster annoying. No doubt there are public servants who feel he unfairly lambasts those hard at work.

We often raise a silent toast to Mr Nolan as he lays into politicians; or through his baiting makes them seem even more preposterous than they are usually.

But now he has once again secured the ratings to justify his claims, we are in silent despair, having switched the radio off. No longer will we be able to justify a mug of hot chocolate at 9am lasting to 10.30 as we titter at the titillations and political trivia booming from our radio.

For between now and May each and every prospective Assembly candidate from each and every party will be sitting with the Nolan Show’s number on speed dial – ready to pop off a missive or demand an appearance to show how they are right and every other party is wrong.

We may be forced to retreat to the safer environs of Wendy Austin’s afternoon phone-in; that is until she starts having party leaders on her show.

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