Friday, 2 July 2010

Politics – it can be complicated!

IN case anyone thought that politics was a simple thing they had that notion disabused this week, with MPs who don’t sit getting challenged about getting money for not sitting, and unionists getting all confused about sitting or not sitting together.

In brief, Sinn Féin get expenses for being MPs, which the unionists don’t really like and had a wee rant about it in Westminster. Sinn Féin appear to be hard-pushed to explain how they represent constituents when they travel close to, but not into Westminster (apparently something to do with history...) Confusingly one republican MP said that they needed these expenses to represent the constituents that voted for them...and here’s us thinking that MPs were meant to represent all their constituents and not just those that put the ‘x’ in the “right” box.

Meanwhile, the UUP are having a ‘will we or won’t we’ moment over so-called unionist unity. Some members are saying: oh yes please. Others are saying: oh no thanks.

Some say that a united unionist proposition would stop Martin McGuinness’ ascent to the heady heights of First Minister. Others say, hogwash, an amorphous mass of unionists under one banner is just that a mass that ends up a mess.

Anyone willing to suggest ways of addressing these problematical concerns is urged by us to write the solution on the back of a postcard and send it to someone who will listen...and right now no-one is listening to anyone else. Situation normal then...

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