Friday, 2 July 2010

All hail the museum!

MUSEUMS are dusty, dimly lit halls of learning, masquerading as public facilities, right? Wrong! The Ulster Museum scooped a major prize this week.
And the man who wanted to re-write the rules on museums was quick to praise the award. Yes, Nelson McCausland, who wanted creationists exhibits and more on Ulster Scots said a big well-done.

With Richard Dawkins, scientist, author and arch-defender of evolution in town filming for a TV programme, the museum could have topped it all off with a debate: Nelson meets Richard: Who gets the last word?

We suspect that the museum wouldn’t want its excellent reputation ruined...but whether it was the geneticist or the politician who would take the blame remains a matter depending on much cogitation and rumination amongst the political classes. Well they have to have something to do now they’ve got a few weeks holidays!

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