Friday, 4 June 2010

Hot air powers Assembly

OKAY it’s a cheap gag when the Assembly starts talking about renewable energy but the Assembly sometimes does something remarkable amidst the carbon dioxide emissions from the lungs of irate MLAs.

Those of you with lengthy memories may remember that former Environment Minister, Sammy Wilson, ‘banned’ the broadcast of an advertisement calling upon us mere mortals to ‘do our bit’ to reduce climate change.

The current Environment Minister, Edwin Poots – himself a self-confessed creationist when it comes to the 4.7billion year old planet Earth – says Northern Ireland must do more to reduce its carbon footprint.

So, to take things forward the Minister has, in that unique government way, set-up a working group…

Could it be that he is acknowledging what his predecessor Sammy Wilson denied: that the actions of people can impact on our climate.

So 'our wee country' will, according to the DUP Minister, have to go green!

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