Friday, 4 June 2010

Gizza job!

THE remarkable work of Alan Bleasdale created a catchphrase for the 80s with the Yosser Hughes cry of “Gizza Job!”

Now MLAs are always keen on jobs. They think they’re an excellent idea and even try to make work.

This week’s opportunity to make work is with the Assembly’s debate on the Gaza/Israeli crisis.
All MLAs agree – as do most rational people – that there needs to be a resolution before there is any further loss of life towards those trying to bring aid.

But let’s be honest, how much do our MLAs know about the complexities of the Middle East? Generations of diplomats, world leaders and every humanitarian of every shade have tried to solve this. What effect, therefore will this have in the Middle East?

Err, nothing.

What’s more, we have a sovereign Parliament at Westminster to deal with foreign policy. And for those that don’t subscribe to it, there’s another in Dublin.

So far this is the fifth emergency sitting of the Assembly in 10 years.

One on flowers (Easter lilies) at Parliament Buildings, one on the exclusion of Sinn Féin, one on 9/11 and one on public expenditure.

And they wonder why people can’t understand that they actually do real work up on the Hill.
Everyone hopes and prays for a resolution to the current crisis in the Middle East and peaceful resolution in the long term for the residents of Gaza and their Israeli neighbours. But our MLAs will not make a button of difference.

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