Monday, 19 April 2010

Predictable and pedestrian

IN terms of high drama the election of David Ford as Minister for Justice produced an epic fail.

Yes, there were votes to eliminate Danny Kennedy and Alban Maginnis (editor’s note: not literally eliminate them!) before the selection of Mr Ford.

It was a formulaic demonstration of democracy. From the day that Alliance were hinted as taking the seat all knew that this was the way that it would go.

Yes, there were objections at an alleged ‘stitch-up’ to deny the d’Hondt system place to the SDLP; and the Ulster Unionists were screaming reluctance.

And there are those that say that justice, not only be done, but seen to be done – well we saw the selection of the Justice Minister and for all the media hype it was predictable and pedestrian.

One hopes that the election is a little more exciting!

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