Friday, 23 April 2010

Minister in change of mind shock!

THEY say it would never happen – a Northern Ireland Executive Minister changing their mind; and even more remarkably the Education Minister Catriona Ruane changing her mind.

Minister Ruane, renowned for her determination to stick by her guns in almost every decision she has made since time immemorial, has changed her mind on the issue of funding Preparatory Schools.

Ms Ruane had proposed that state funding of Preparatory Schools would end come September. Now, instead, funding is not ending, but is being cut by a third.

Did she change her mind because of the pressure of parents? Did she change her mind after doing the sums?

Either way both the Preparatory Schools and the minister can claim a partial victory…could this be an outbreak of compromise and reality in Northern Ireland?

Is that the sound of hell freezing over?

At least there is still a good-old fashioned row over the never ending story of the establishment, or lack thereof, of the Education Skills Authority.

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