Friday, 26 March 2010

End of an era

IAN Paisley Snr took his final bow at Westminster this week, with his coda being a final question at PMQs.

The Prime Minister took the time to pay tribute to the ‘Big Man’, while Secretary of State Shaun Woodward gave a send-off to that other veteran MP who is packing in Parliament, Eddie McGrady.

They were two men whose work in the headlines often over-shadowed other matters, such as their toiling on behalf of the rural community and many, many constituencies.

Throughout the Troubles they were two of the voices many associated with commentary or even invective, voices called upon for comment in the wake of tragedy.

With the passing from the political spotlight some may regard it as the ending of an era.

But, one thing is sure; with Paisley passing from the Parliamentary stage…the volume levels on your TV and radio will no longer need to be adjusted when Northern Ireland questions and debates are covered.

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