Monday, 11 January 2010

On the brighter side

A SUBSTANTIAL amount of guns have left the streets of Northern Ireland. The UDA decommissioning of weapons has happened and witnessed verified.

The efforts of all concerned are to be welcomed.

While the UDA leadership will be ruing the timing of their announcement in the middle of the Robinsongate media scrum, it does raise the question of the Protestant working class vote.

The PUP’s Dawn Purvis has shown that the mature politics of David Ervine were not just a one-off. The DUP reliance on urban votes to buttress the support from its rural strongholds is no longer a certainty.

Will the anti-power sharing TUV be able to capitalise? Can the party's leader Jim Allister project his presence beyond north Antrim? And, if so, will he for once break a smile!

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