Monday, 11 January 2010

The danger

THE current wayward nature of politics here has a very real danger. That danger is not in some esoteric argument or party political statement. That danger is to real men and women.

This was evoked on Friday when a PSNI officer suffered critical injuries when dissident republicans planted a bomb under his car.

When the MLAs and MPs issue their statements and rage against the wind, they would do well to remember the cost of a political vacuum. Next week, next month, next year most of them will still be facing the cameras, presenting to their party conferences and cashing in expenses cheques. For this police officer and potentially many others, there will be, at best, years of painful recovery, adjustments to family life, coping with trauma and trying to rebuild a shattered life.

That the so-called men who slunk in the dead of night to plant the device pretend to be fighting for something would be laughable if it was not so tragic. Their day will never come. Their day has past. The twenty-first century does not bother with the prattlings of those who still believe a nation state can be moulded by the gun and bomb.

International institutions, a shrinking world and global issues lower their cause to the level of gangsterism.

If there is an Assembly election, as well as the Westminster poll, in the coming months, the level of their support will be apparent. They haven’t any.

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