Friday, 22 January 2010

Flags and emblems

AHH, Northern Ireland, the country that invented colour coded kerb stones to make sure the unwary traveller knew which path he strayed into, and the divided streets of cities, towns and villages could be clearly seen on Google Street View.

But, as we all know flags can be seen as a wee bit nasty by those that seek all too readily to give offence; and those who all too readily seek to take offence.

Union flags, Tricolours, Ulster flags and Starry Ploughs all flutter on summer breezes, patches of cloth that render the viewer with a wave of pride or revulsion, or just sheer boredom.

How reassuring it is to know that the Office of First Minister, deputy First Minister is working on an Inter-Agency Joint Protocol on Flags. In a written answer in the Assembly, it was revealed that there is a working group reviewing the protocol and that it met in October and November last year.

I’ll bet all those waiting for a vital operation and the children needing educational support will be delighted at this news.

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