Friday, 20 March 2009

On the road with the Assembly

It is usually only the knockabout stand-up comedy of the Assembly that hits the airwaves. Rumours, however, still abound that real work is occasionally done by Ministers and MLAs.

To prove that this rumour is based on fact the Assembly has hit the road around Northern Ireland with a series of road shows. Assembly officials and MLAs will explain the work being done up at the Big House and answer questions.

Even more ambitiously the Assembly now has its own Twitter feed. Now for those who aren’t ‘Twits’ yet, this means that the Assembly posts ‘Tweets’ (like a blog only smaller) about what’s going on. To find out more you’ll have to have a free account at and sign on to follow the NI Assembly.

Strange thing is that it is easier to navigate round the Assembly website using their tweets…

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