Friday, 20 March 2009

The Battle of Carmel Street

If the Taioseach’s faux pas was almost living up to the Irish stereotype, back on terra firma the stereotype of ‘the drunken Irish’ was in full flow during the Battle of Carmel Street.

St Patrick’s Day celebrations took on an ugly demeanour when on-street drinking got seriously out of hand and police in riot gear were pelted by bottles and cans.

With the Assembly in recess, righteous indignation was largely restricted to the talk shows and the internet.

The puzzle for all who watched the debacle of the streets around Belfast’s Holy Land was how many of the drunken revellers were politics students? Nice to see that standards are being kept suitably low.

But, the real question is, how will any future devolved policing ministry manage the fall-out from St Patrick’s Day revelry? In other words… will they appear on BBC Radio Ulster’s Nolan Show?

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