Friday, 13 February 2009

Time to do the quango tango!

In a quango? Concerned about the payment you receive for this? Don’t worry! According to the Commissioner for Public Appointments, Felicity Huston, your payments are made without ‘rhyme or reason’.

Those of you enjoying no payment may be aggrieved, but those of you receiving up to £40,000 for your quango role, be assured of the response from the Department of Finance and Personnel.
It says there is no centrally determined pay policy.

Every grade of public sector and civil service pay is scrutinised, subject to negotiation, pay squeezes, squabbles with trade unions and threats of pay freezes.

Except if you are on a quango…then it is role the dice and see if you are in the zero pay or the super pay category! Oh, and wasn’t the Review of Public Administration meant to sort out the hundred or so quangos?

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