Friday, 13 February 2009

700 jobs go…and no loss of posts

Slashing the number of nurses won’t affect front line services, says Michael McGimpsey. Oh, yes it will say the Royal College of Nursing and an assorted bunch of MLAs.

Minister McGimpsey became (albeit briefly) animated on air and in the chamber defending the reduction of nursing posts. He explained that the 700 nursing jobs going would disappear largely through ‘natural wastage’ and that the posts wouldn’t be re-filled.

That tortuous logic surely means that there is also a loss of 700 posts.

Under fire, McGimpsey then went on to blame those hated other ministers in the Executive who stitched him up, before saying the negotiations he brought forward managed to secure the cash necessary to improve services.

As if on cue, a press release was issued at the close of the debate in the Assembly detailing all the extra cash the DHSSPS would be lashing around.

Eagle eyed watchers may have noticed that a few of these projects have been in the pipeline for quite a few years.

But will nurses be manning these new bastions of our improved health services?

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