Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Bill Clinton pulls out of Belfast Agreement anniversary event

Things must be complicated in the Clinton household – balancing the commitments of a world statesman and a Presidential wanna be. Hillary is struggling to overcome Obama in the race to be the Democrat nominee for the US Presidential election in November. When Bill agreed to come to the celebratory 10 year anniversary gathering for the Belfast Agreement at Queens University, they obviously both thought that she would have it in the bag by April 2008, but now that is far from the case.

Even more bizarrely, the Republicans who had seemingly no hope of retaining the Presidency six months ago are now in with a real chance. The Democrats are continuing to spend millions of dollars fighting each other and Iraq finally seems to be improving. If the Republicans can convince the electorate that it is best to stick with ‘the devil you know’ as the economy slows, President McCain could become a reality.

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