Friday, 28 March 2008

‘Back channel’ allegations gather momentum

The suggestion in Jonathan Powell’s book that prior to 8 May 2007 the DUP and Sinn Féin used a third party a conduit as a ‘sounding board’ was given more coverage in the local media this week. It is now been suggested that RTÉ journalist Tommy Gorman was the conduit mentioned in the book. Some commentators think this is a ‘non story’ – it is surely the case that the parties knew individuals whom they could trust to impart their views. It would only be a story if there had been secret meetings or some form of formal process – which no one is suggesting at the moment.

Some feel that it will all be very ‘damaging’ when the ‘truth’ comes out - assuming that it will. One suspects that the matter will always be subject to ‘deniability’. Moreover, surely it would be more a case of embarrassment rather than anything more serious?

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