Friday, 25 February 2011

You only sing when you’re winning, sing when you’re winning…

YOU’RE going home in the back of an ambulance! The referee’s a w****r! Okay we’ll stop there before descending into the less cerebral and even more offensive football chants.

This week’s passage of the Justice Bill through the Assembly suffered a hiccough along the way when an amendment to end sectarian chants at sports events was defeated.

Ulster Unionist MLA, Basil McCrea was among those that were at the heart of the debate. We say “hear, hear” because the amount of interventions recorded in the Assembly’s Official Report during the debate meant that anyone who managed to stay focussed had managed an achievement of some sort. And a rousing 'hear, hear' and an obligatory 'Amen' is what we expect for any achievement - we may even tip into a 'well done!'

And as to sectarian chanting! No, we never hear such things at rugger or GAA grounds.

We did think of asking Gregory Campbell for his thoughts on this vexed subject after one of his visits to see his beloved Rangers. But after his team were beaten 3-0 by the ‘Hoops’ last weekend we thought better of it!

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