Tuesday, 11 January 2011

ESA please!

IN a stunning New Year’s resolution Northern Ireland Executive ministers are to resolve to make actual real proper decisions this year.

Yes, they will come up with an answer to the post-primary school transfer quandary, they will agree the best way forward on water charging, they will solve the issue of mental health needs and they will finally complete the education element of the Review of Public Administration by establishing the Education and Skills Authority.

After reading that ESA has cost £10m without closing the education and library boards, Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness told the Executive: “Let’s get our act together!”

With sober contemplation the ministers sat, late on New Year’s Eve, looking at the embers of their fires, contemplating 2010 and decided that their collective resolution was that they would not look after selfish political interests, nor personal promotion, but would act collectively for the common good.

Unfortunately, like all New Year’s Resolutions they are broken quickly and the bickering and back-biting so far in 2011 is but a mere warm-up for the election campaign.


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