Monday, 24 January 2011

Election ennui even before the election is called

WE have tried to diligently keep track of the comings and goings, and twists and turns of politics here in Northern Ireland and in the Republic of Ireland, but frankly even political anoraks must be getting a wee bit bored now.

There are some who are whipping themselves into a frenzy over the whole state of affairs.

And we are reluctant to make any comment on the debacle that passes for politics in the Republic of Ireland as by the time we finish writing this paragraph things will have changed again.

So, we are already wondering how many others are becoming just a teeny bit bored by the electioneering in the undeclared electoral war in Northern Ireland – even if polling hostilities haven’t been officially declared.

If, as we suspect, the Assembly is dissolved on March 25th for the poll, then full-scale conflagration shall erupt across our airwaves.

We, therefore, suggest that you keep a track of the media electioneering you come across on the airwaves before that date; for no other purpose than to amuse yourself and shout at the TV in indignation, then slope away to your ‘tinterweb connection and vent some invective.

We do not condone electioneering and rants on comment sites, but we do condone you going online with the results of any informal survey you have made of electioneering.

We might try it ourselves but frankly we’re getting bored by all the tripe being put about already: if it was not for the fact that Assembly might actually get some real work done, such as passing the Budget, before it packs it in for full-on airwave rants then we might struggle to stay awake.

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