Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Larkin’ about with costs

WELL done to John Larkin QC, who this week presaged a possible reform of legal costs and fees in a speech last week.

He remarked that those who are of ‘modest means’ shouldn’t have to bear the costs when faced with a legal decision that could end up with them having to cough up the cash against wealthy know like senior legal type counsel.

Rather outrageously Mr Larkin dared to suggest that the legal eagles of Northern Ireland might do some ‘pro bono’ work as they have been trousering loadsamoney for years.

Mmmm, Mr Larkin that might be asking a little too much from senior barristers...after all they have to be able pay for Rupert’s school fees, that little des res in north Down and the holiday villa somewhere other than Northern Ireland.

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