Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Solar Power

WONDERS, as they say, will never cease. In an astounding leap forward Larne Borough Council has installed solar powered bins.

These ingenious devices use the power of the life-giving star we all orbit to compact waste and send text messages and emails to council staff when the bin is full to the brim and attracting a higher than average amount of wasps.

Which led us to thinking that solar power really could be a benefit to the Assembly! No, not huge panels around Parliament Buildings, but rather make our MLAs solar powered. There are quite a few that, shall we say, with a slaphead lack of hair who qualify for panels atop their heads. Fit these bald spots with miniature solar panels and they can generate enough power for them to text and email their latest pronouncements to the press. And for the ladies and those gents with a few strands still left they can be fitted with a natty range of hats (with the Assembly logo, of course) which can help recharge hard-pressed Blackberrys and iPhones, as well as power their jaws when they become tired.

But, in reality this scheme from Larne actually highlights the paucity of thinking in local Government. This seemingly innocuous proposal will make emptying litter bins more efficient. And that saves money.

Larne are to be commended for this, but had the reduction of our local councils went ahead such innovative practices could have spread more widely…alas such lack of wonder at the Assembly’s lack of decisive action will never cease.

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