Friday, 27 August 2010

Quango killer

THE honourable member for East Antrim, former CCEA Chief Examiner of A Level Economics and current Minister for Finance and Personnel has this week set himself up as the quango killer.

Sammy Wilson spoke after Monica McWilliams decided that she will be stepping down from the Human Rights plinth and has handed in her notice to the Human Rights Commission.

Minister Wilson took the opportunity to outline his belief that quangos like the Human Rights Commission, the Equality Commission and the Children’s Commissioner should be axed or amalgamated.

But, hold on a minute. Are these not the quangos that keep Government right on equality, human rights and children’s rights?

Could it be that there is a prevailing view that when the really big, big, big cuts come down the line, having these pesky commissioners questioning why certain services are being cut, might make it awkward for the Executive?

Or, is it a case that by standing tall against these lefty types the Finance guru can show that he is making harsh choices on all behalf of all of us?

Whatever the motive, the actual savings of taking the action Minister Wilson proposes are pretty small against closing hospital services, reducing spending on housing, and the costs to be saved by not building as many schools as proposed.

Oh, hold those would be decisions the Government appointed quangos might actually challenge. How dare they!

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