Friday, 6 August 2010

Don’t Look Back In Anger

WHEN Oasis asked people not to look back in anger did they have Northern Ireland in mind? No, probably not, but that was the call being made by Ian Paisley Jnr this week in west Belfast when he said that we all had to move on from the Troubles.

Perhaps he has a point, but one wonders when regularly there are extensive swathes of forest and hours of radio transmissions given over to finding that ever elusive beast called truth.

We think we’ve come up with a novel solution. Yes, it was all our faults.

Anyone born in the 20th Century who has any connection to Northern Ireland, who has visited, or worked here should immediately stand up, admit it was their fault and make a general apology. Governments, politicians, paramilitaries, police officers, soldiers, generals, rioters, innocent bystanders, babes in arms – hell everyone just say sorry.

Otherwise we’ll all spend the rest of eternity blaming the other guy who was obviously more to blame than us.

Let’s leave the past to historians and concentrate on making today work. Mmmm, maybe a bit too radical!

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