Friday, 21 May 2010

Education – fights go on

WARS and rumours of war continue unabated in the education sector. In a strange week or so, there has been good news, bad news and no news.

To recap for those whose attention span cannot keep pace with the twists, turns and other diversions along the way…

Good news for Whitehouse Primary School pupils! The Minster that said yes, then no, is saying yes and work on a new building starts soon.

Good news for Pre-School funding, some more money coming downstream where previously there was only a trickle.

Bad news for ICAN Centre for children with speech, language and communication disability as the blame game continues between Ministers.

Bad news for capital projects that are awaiting the green light…

And no news over the Transfer debacle: yes for years upon years the serried, assembled ranks of MLAs and ne’er do wells that occupy their own particular moral high ground on education cast dispersion at the illiterate heathens that are on the other side of the debate.

In the latest non-development some, but not all MLAs paid – well it says ‘commissioned”, but that is paid by any other name – educational “experts” to produce the latest in several trillion reports on the transfer from primary to post-primary school.

Scandinavia forestry experts are anticipating a global crisis as paper stocks are depleted through the sheer demand for reports, counter-reports and meta-analysis of reports into the Northern Ireland post-primary transfer arrangements.

Manchester City is denying that it will make an offer before the summer transfer window closes.

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