Friday, 12 March 2010

Education débacle rolls on

MINISTER for Education, Caitriona Ruane is rocking and rolling her way through several months’ worth of effort to really, really, really annoy a lot of people.

The 11+/post-primary transfer/Transfer 2010/unregulated transfer debate was enough to polarise opinion.

Then came the proposed ending of funding for preparatory schools…

And now she has told teachers not to privately tutor pupils for the unregulated tests.

Does she not realise that this is a significant factor in maintaining Northern Ireland’s economic resilience in these financially dodgy times? All those teachers coining in the cash (no cheques or credit card payments please) are investing in savings schemes, hitting the retail parks and generally having a whale of a time with their fees from private tuition.

One could even view it as the ultimate re-distribution of wealth from the monied classes to the less well off. The upper middle classes pay middle class teachers money. The teachers spend that money in retail environments, meaning that the lowest paid jobs are maintained in shops and supermarkets.

As a socialist, Minister Ruane should be supporting this covert class warfare agenda that bleeds the rich and pours the transfusion to the working classes.

Or will the economy be boosted when HMRC investigates every teacher receiving undeclared earnings from being a tutor?

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