Monday, 1 February 2010

Getting it together

IT would of course be nice to say that with sex scandals and alleged corruption, mainstream politics has finally reached Northern Ireland. And such was the promise when the Tories agreed to hook up with their Ulster Unionist colleagues.

No, we’re not suggesting that the Conservatives or UUP are involved in sex scandals or allegations of corruption! Rather, that the electorate in Northern Ireland have the potential opportunity to vote for representatives of a party that stands a chance of being part of a UK governing party, or at least part of Her Majesty’s Opposition.

Some local Conservatives have become irked and annoyed by the Ulster Unionist leadership of late.

With three Conservative nominees for the UCUNF candidates list in the forthcoming Westminster election tendering their resignations and reports of the UU leadership joining the DUP for a natter with the Orange Order, relations between the two parties have become increasingly strained.

Can we suggest that if UCUNF decide to elect a leader, they seek a unifying candidate? What about ‘Flash’ Harry Hamilton? He could urge the Ulster Unionists to ‘Play the Game’. And when they do, he can declare ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’.

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