Thursday, 15 October 2009

Regulation & Quality Improvement Authority?

It would seem that the RQIA, which is charged with, among other things, encouraging improvements in the quality of of health and social care services in Northern Ireland, has a few issues with the quality of its own service delivery.

This frustrated blogger tried phoning its main number and got a "this number is currently unavailable" message.

On a second attempt, the caller was invited to leave a message on Vodafone voicemail.

Hurray, on the third attempt a real person answered the phone but the switchboard operator was unable to transfer calls. She helpfully suggested that she could email the person the caller was trying to reach. Hmmm....


M said...

RQIA phones currently affected by a wider telephone network problem. Engineers currently working to restore service.

M said...

Telephone service to RQIA now restored.