Friday, 30 October 2009

Eschewing the cold

WITH the dark nights upon us, and the chill winds of autumn as stormy harbingers of winter to come, there’s nothing better than planning a trip to sunnier climes.

Somewhere with sand and sunshine? Perhaps Libya? Jeffrey Donaldson, Nigel Dodds and a couple of others are off to oil-rich, recently internationally rehabilitated state to try and secure compensation for the victims of the IRA.

The thawing in relations between Libya and the UK has made this possible, but there is nice underlying story.

As well as trying to lift millions from Libya’s oil-funded ATM for victims, some of the cash is to be allocated towards a fund to promote peace and reconciliation.

Jeffrey is the MP and MLA for Lagan Valley. There used to be a plan to turn part of the Maze prison site to a Troubles history, reconciliation project. That was around the same time as plans for a Maze multi-sports stadium.

Perhaps there is a cunning plan afoot to administer the Libyan fund from a ‘Loyalist’ H-block on the site…

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