Friday, 3 July 2009

Jilted at the political altar?

IT seems that since Sammy Wilson has left the Assembly’s Education Committee he can’t get enough of slagging off fellow minister, Catriona Ruane. Does Sammy feel jilted now he can’t see Ms Ruane every Wednesday morning in committee?

Certainly Ms Ruane seems inclined to reject any further advances from Mr Wilson. She flatly refused to have a ‘meeting’ with Sammy, invoking an ire more fierce than any jilted lover could cause…well not that bad, but bad enough for him to take to the airwaves.

Sammy wanted to meet Catriona. Catriona said no. Sammy said it was about a constituency affair. Catriona said it was because Sammy used a go-between (a.k.a. Private Secretary).

Sammy said he asked her face-to-face why he was being stood up. She said send me a letter.

Looking on MLAs and school representatives wondered could cupid’s bow ever unite these star-crossed politicians…and will we ever see the DUP and Sinn Féin ever agreeing on anything to do with education!

Meanwhile…thousands of children are studying for unapproved post-primary transfer exams, grammar schools are wondering how they’re going to sort this out, Transfer 2010 is getting lost in the rows and weary news producers are wondering how they will cope without the education bickering over the summer.

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