Friday, 17 July 2009

It’s all getting a wee bit weird…

IT is, of course, the time of year that news planners refer to as the silly season – that time when the headlines are made up of the improbable, the laughable and the downright silly.

And if you were to listen to the news headlines on Thursday you may have thought that the silly season was firmly entrenched.

To review…

Monday: July rioting over an Orange Order march – situation normal.

Tuesday: follow-up disturbances and rioters criticised by Gerry Kelly – not that normal a couple of years back but relatively normal now.

Wednesday: minor rioting, condemnation from usual suspects – situation normal.

Thursday: Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness emerge from Downing Street with Robinson saying that if Brown writes the right cheque we’ll have policing and devolution in place by autumn – shurely shome mishtake there!

No – it wasn’t the devil’s buttermilk talking (DUP speak for alcoholic beverages) but was rather a straight-faced statement that the devolution of policing and justice was on its way. The First Minister even said that it would be better than that Direct Rule nonsense.

How Martin McGuinness managed to keep a grin off his face is unknown.

The situation will return to normal when Jim Allister gets all shrill and strident claiming that every elected politician in Northern Ireland has sold ‘the country’ out.

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