Friday, 19 June 2009

On a brighter note (pt 2)

THE PM has announced that after talking to PR and MM he is setting up a working group ASAP on the PMS.

When PR (Peter Robinson) and MM (Martin McGuiness) turned up on the No. 10 doorstep this week, Gordon may have been forgiven if he thought he was going to be sold a copy of ‘the Searchlight’. However, when they got in through the door the emphasis was they basically said ‘do the decent thing Gordy!’

Mr Brown, misinterpreting this statement as a call for his resignation, instead agreed to see if he could help the PMS savers/investors.

Pity the PMS couldn’t have held out for 50 years…according to Exodus Chapter 22, after 50 years all indebtedness is wiped away; and as Presbyterians they should be familiar with this and other biblical treatsies on borrowing and lending.

Until then it is either a buy-out or putting themselves to the tender mercies of the working group.

Meanwhile, money lenders have been seen steering clear of the temples. Just in case.

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