Friday, 26 June 2009

Old lion threatens another swan song

HALF of the ‘chuckle brothers’ duo, Ian Paisley senior, is threatening to stand again in the North Antrim constituency to thwart the TUV challenge of Jim Allister for the Westminster seat.

The 83-year-old has previously said that he would give Allister an (electoral!) hiding if the TUV and former DUP MEP Allister tried to run in the seat, which the DUP has held since 1970.

Allister in turn said the Paisleys were running scared of pitching Paisley junior into the fray.

The usual taunting ensued, including standard TUV fare on Paisley Snr giggling with McGuinness.

Of course, when the 2010 general election is upon us, it will all come down to memory (not Ian Paisleys!). Will the electorate remember that chuckle brothers’ routine as a sell-out or a normalisation? Will they remember the firebrand Paisley? Will they remember why Jim Allister seems so upset at a country living in relative peace? Will they remember the TUV success in defeat in Europe?

Or, given the recent Euro poll turn-out will they even care?

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