Saturday, 7 February 2009

Diane Dodds vs TUV

Hoping to head to the big school of European politics is Diane Dodds. Dodds is now the official DUP candidate for June’s Euro poll.

Seemingly unwilling to risk a front bencher in the ballot, the DUP have chosen what they see as the next best big name that they can throw into the ring.

Despite protestations from the DUP that they were preparing to do battle with Sinn Féin, no-one really believes this to be the case. Dodds’ real task is to unseat the incumbent MEP Jim Allister, leader of Traditional Unionist Voice.

Allister, who quit the DUP when the party entered the new devolved administration with Sinn Féin, has been poking and prodding at his former party colleagues. Both Dodds and Allister will be competing for the airwaves and hoping that some of the electorate at least believes the European election has some relevance and will actually turn up to vote!

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