Monday, 19 January 2009

You wouldn’t rate that!

WITH the credit crunch in full swing ministers are hard at it trying to prove their worth.
Coming quickly on the heels of fuel payments being fast-tracked and housing boost, it was time for Nigel Dodds to make another announcement.

He this week promised to help, if he can, local councils struggling to keep rates bills down.
Dodds said he had only limited scope to lend a hand, but he was waiting for officials to see what could be done to help out councils faced with the prospect of cutting services or hiking bills.

The Finance Minister promised an announcement was imminent as councils across Northern Ireland said rates could rise by up to 10%.

With less than a month until councils have to hike their rates, more than a few councillors will be sweating that Mr Dodds won't wait too long for that imminent announcement - not to mention ratepayers!

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