Saturday, 13 December 2008

Sports calamity - we’re all doomed!

WITH briefings this week claiming that the Maze sports stadium won’t get off the drawing board it was perhaps unfortunate timing for Gregory Campbell to announce, in his capacity as Minister for Culture, Arts and Leisure, that our sports stadiums fail to live up to health and safety standards.

Soccer, gaelic and rugby stadiums were named.

While a few seized on the Maze angle, what was notably absent was comment on the potential at having stadiums that failed such high profile tests.

In recent memory the tragedies of Hillsborough, Bradford and too many others showed the failings of older stadia can have horrific consequences.

Of course, the question of who will pay for the upgrading wasn’t really dealt with. This came in the week when it was floated that a Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Republic of Ireland joint bid to host the European championships was in the offing. When one noted commentator in Scotland heard this, he was heard to say “Aye Right!” Torres and Ronaldo at Windsor Park? Only if it’s safe say they!

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