Friday, 21 November 2008

Conservative and Unionist New Force created

The euphoria (read mild relief) of the breakthrough on the Executive had barely subsided and the cheering crowds have barely had time to return to their homes when the Conservative Party and the Ulster Unionists, in a clearly premeditated move, announced that they had concluded a deal on their joint way forward.

Both parties agreed a sweeping Memorandum of Understanding under which future MEPs and MPs elected under their banner will become full members of the Conservative Group in Brussels and the Conservative Party at Westminster.

Sir Reg Empey put the splits of the past behind him and convinced his Party Executive to vote virtually unanimously to form a new electoral force with the Conservative Party. David Cameron and the Shadow Secretary of State Owen Paterson welcomed the move.

It is unclear whether David Cameron is to attend the Ulster Unionist Conference on 6 December but at this stage it is widely anticipated that he will.

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